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Recent Rains Prompt Considerations for Groundwater Recharge Options

Perspectives on DairyMAR

B, April 9, 2023

Commentary: How managing flood flows can help rescue aquifers

B, April 12, 2023

How California is using recent floods to prepare for future drought. Diverting and storing excess floodwaters in aquifers could help replenish depleted groundwater supplies.

By Allyson Chiu, March 15, 2023 at 6:30 a.m. EDT

Can Nine Atmospheric Rivers Recharge California’s Groundwater? Interview with Helen Dahlke

Public Policy Institute of California. By Sarah Bardeen, BLOG POST · FEBRUARY 6, 2023

Can California’s floods help recharge depleted groundwater supplies? Plans to drown orchards and farm fields to boost aquifers get off to a slow start

ScienceInsider. By DAN CHARLES, 23 JAN 2023.

California snowpack vastly depleted after record dry start to year. Snow could be gone by late April, straining water resources, worsening the drought and increasing the fire risk into the summer.

By Diana Leonard, Updated April 1, 2022

Historic rain and snow begin to refresh California lakes and mountains. An atmospheric river dropped 8 trillion gallons of water on California, making a small dent in the drought

By Kasha Patel and Zach Levitt. October 27, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. EDT

It’s Some of America’s Richest Farmland. But What Is It Without Water?

By Somini Sengupta. June 28, 2021,
Updated Oct. 21, 2021

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The plan to replenish our groundwater: Helen Dahlke interview

Podcast (68 min) | Flooding farms to recharge our aquifers

ALPHA LO OCT 12, 2022

Groundwater Recharge with Helen Dahlke

Podcast (28.53 min) | Interview with Luke Milliron, Orchard Systems Advisor, Butte County, MAR 15, 2021