Water Underground

Welcome to the Dahlke Research Lab. We study water above and below ground.
Its beneficial use, quality and fate. For a sustainable water future for all.

Latest Publications

LBali, K.M., Mohamed, A.Z., Begna, S., Wang, D., Putnam, D., Dahlke, H.E. and Eltarabily, M.G., 2023. The use of HYDRUS-2D to simulate intermittent Agricultural Managed Aquifer Recharge (Ag-MAR) in Alfalfa in the San Joaquin ValleyAgricultural Water Management282, p.108296.

This study presents HYDRUS-2D model simulations testing full irrigation during summer growing season, mid-summer deficit irrigation treatment, winter flooding , and no winter flooding and their impact on the soil water balance and recharge.

Levintal, E., Huang, L., García, C.P., Coyotl, A., Fidelibus, M.W., Horwath, W.R., Rodrigues, J.L.M. and Dahlke, H.E., 2023. Nitrogen fate during agricultural managed aquifer recharge: Linking plant response, hydrologic, and geochemical processesScience of the Total Environment, 864, p.161206.

This study presents a conceptual model of biogeochemical transformations of soil nitrogen under agricultural managed aquifer recharge and the potential of NO3 leaching to groundwater.